Season of Joy

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Lord Robert discovers his betrothed, Theresa Huntington, in the arms of her childhood friend. He finds it difficult to believe their protests of innocence. He rides off to war, informing her that she is free of their betrothal. But Theresa doesn’t want her freedom. She loves him. By Christmas, when she hears nothing more from him, she fears he has been killed. Surely Lord Robert can’t be dead!
This is a stand-alone story in the Regency Tales series.

1 review for Season of Joy

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A lovers tiff sees a fiance going off to war, giving an excuse to relinquish the engagement.
    However, letters back and forth gives each person a greater insight into the others personality.
    Then, one of the trio that had gone off, is listed as dead. The correspondence from the others had stopped also. The worst is thought.
    I won’t go further, but there’s still a lot of drama to be had, until the final outcome.

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