Scythia Protostar


It is a new pulp-style adventure. Strap in, because this series is a wild ride out among the stars. There are psychic psychopaths, deep-space colonies, and demon-summoning cults. As we explore feral frontier worlds and hyper-tech hive planets, we will learn more about the dark empire, magic-wielding aliens, and ancient prophecies. 

In our first installment: 

An ambitious bureaucrat has brought together an unusual team to help him rise to power in a world so dark that the only way to get ahead is by taking what you need. He has worked hard to gain the loyalty of the cunning and beautiful Raza. He has found Uthraith, the deadliest headhunter from the far, feral reaches of space. It took months of searching, but he finally caught Djaem, the best hive-master rogue in the inner sectors. And at last…he found it…his secret weapon. Scythia, a broken psychic from the Citadel. 

Can this batch of imperial criminals cooperate long enough to complete an assignment? Only time will tell. 

Join them on their first mission as they are sent to a hive mining colony to gather Intel and contain a Tyrling demon. 


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