Scratched Off

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Failure means more people die.

“The Big One” could make Sam’s career or…break him.

FBI Special Agent Samuel Kerman has been tasked to catch a wildly erratic serial killer dropping bodies in Pennsylvania state parks. The victims differ, and the manner of murder changes every time. Amid the mountains of physical evidence, only a mysterious gray dust and declarations of guilt or innocence link the crimes.

It’s not much to work with, and the case drags on for months. Then, things go from bad to worse when the killer makes it personal. Family, friends, strangers…everybody’s in danger of being scratched off.


Please note this is one of my more “intense” mysteries. It’s about an FBI agent vs. a serial killer. If you’re looking for more light-hearted mystery, try Shadow Council and Eagle Eyes.

3 reviews for Scratched Off

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book. I thought the plot was cleverly written giving both the detectives point of view and the crazy world of the killer, and it was enough of each to keep you hooked and listening for more. The blurb did have me wondering if it was going to be just a detective story or if it would have a touch of science fiction in it but as you listen the grey dust is easily explained and is a clever plot twist (there is no sci-fi, the bodies don’t disappear leaving behind grey dust). A number of people died in some gruesome ways and although you knew how the story didn’t go into a lot of gruesome details, just left it up to you to imagine, if you wanted to.
    Bodies are being left in parks, with nothing connecting them or linking them like race, gender, age, rich, poor nothing seems to matters to this equal opportunities killer. The FBI calls in special agent Samuel Kerman to investigate and the only clue they have is a grey dust found on the bodies. Tracking down the dust proves to be more elusive than catching the killer. Until Sam’s girlfriend provides a vital clue as to the origin of the grey powder and then all bets are off. And a game of cat and mouse ensures but Sam and his team must be careful that they don’t become the hunted.
    I liked the narrator and thought he did a good job with all the characters building up the tension and emotion.

  2. Jodene Chase

    The story line keeps you engaged and has a surprise at the end. (No reveals) The narrator draws you in and keeps you involved. This book was not part of a series but Julie Gilbert does have two series in different genres. I did receive a free copy of this book from Audiobooks Unleashed and have found a new author to follow.

  3. Rosemary HUGHES

    Multi scenes, switching from killer’s viewpoint to that of the agent working the case, which gives very different perspective of the killing, and the motivation behind them.
    This story deals with a relationship perspective, where the killer is known to multiple people, who also have different relationships with one and other. A very interwoven story, and even a surprise at the end, that I believe none would have seen coming.
    The narrator does a fantastic job, with varied vocalizations for different characters. It adds another dimension to the overall experience.

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