Schifflebein’s Folly

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“Good, clean, fun! Travel through laughter and tears with surprising people, and see the world in its happiest colors” ~ Goodreads

He’s a tall, burly carpenter who will be a great mother someday, with a little unexpected supernatural help.

Lloyd has reached the age of 32 years, seven months, four days, and six hours without finding Miss Right and converting her into Mrs. Lloyd Schifflebein. Yes, Schifflebein. A name that is unromantic, unspellable, and way too long for signing checks and the backs of credit cards.

Even if Miss Right appears, there is another impediment to wedded bliss: Lloyd obsesses over his six children. He doesn’t have them yet, but he is working on it. He has been filing adoption applications all his adult life. This leads many people to deduce that Lloyd Schifflebein is crazy. Big and strong, sure. Cute, maybe, but loony nonetheless.

Somehow Lloyd finally convinces the Social Worker From Hell that he really is good father-material. Soon the Schifflebein household is a circus, with six special kids and their six neurotic pet bunnies. To become a forever family, however, they must pass a probationary period with surprise inspections at any time.

Then things begin to go wrong:

The Teapot arrives. The one that is certain to get Lloyd get officially labeled “insane,” removing any chance of successful adoptions.

Miss Right appears, but she is engaged to someone else.

Lloyd’s enemies attack him with false accusations and numerous lawsuits.

The government takes away Lloyd’s children, pending his day in court. 

In his fight to keep his children, his livelihood, and his beloved bride, Lloyd definitely needs supernatural help – even if it comes in the form of a snarky, talking Teapot.

1 review for Schifflebein’s Folly

  1. Janalyn Prude

    This book is about a man named Mr. scaffolding who desperately wants to care for unwanted children, despite he has no wife. He’s like a joke at the social services office until one social worker decides to do a home check so she can close his case for good, after all he’s been applying every four years for years! Mr. Fister been is very strange, But and the best and sweetest ways possible. He shows her everything he has set up for his children his three girls and three boys and out though at first she thought the house was too small she sees missed official Bing has it all under control. She even gets to meet his pet rabbit who has his own room by the way. This book is so sweet I wish they would come out with a book to, I loved it! I noticed that The books I receive on Audiobooks unleashed a Books I would never find on Audible and I wish I could. I love this book and I love audiobooks at least so much! I totally recommend this book to those who like clean and sweet and funny stories that are also heartwarming that is exactly what you get with this book. I know I said it before but I love this book.

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