Scandal At The Gala

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It’s finally her time to make a difference.

Brenda Sheffield Rivers can hardly contain her excitement when the local hospital invites her to host a fundraiser at Sheffield Bed and Breakfast for cancer research. With so many ideas – she is spoilt for choice!

After planning an elaborate Masquerade Gala, the night is full of dancing, juggling, music, card playing and good vibes. Until a guest slumps over the casino table – dead.

This is more than just a sugar rush.

All suspicion points to a new face, Cary Buckley, who has just opened a new real estate office in the town. Detective Mac Rivers launches an investigation into this death, but Cary is insisting that he was only stepping in to help out the dessert caterer, Hope Williams.

1 review for Scandal At The Gala

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A death a a Gala Social event, could have put a damper on the evening, but for quick thinking and resourcefulness of the detective that was onsite, when the poor man collapsed.
    Then began tedious task of testing and cataloguing all items within the room where the person had been seated.
    Yes, our super detective sleuth, Brenda gets into the action, with a lot of hunches, followed by investigating through the various suspects backgrounds.
    Yes, it’s another intriguing case, but I don’t know if I would like to stay at a B&B with so many crimes associated with it.

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