Saving Forever – Part 5


A year of the unexpected has come and passed: unanticipated events, unforeseen turmoil, and surprising love. Elijah and Charity are about to have their first baby together. They are trying to adjust to the married life after living on their own for so long. It isn’t always an easy challenge. As Charity deals with morning sickness and trying to make Elijah’s house their home, she also worries about her father. Their shaky relationship has changed for the better, but they are two stubborn people who don’t always see eye to eye. As life continues to be unpredictable, Elijah and Charity must form a nucleus so strong nothing or no one could tear apart their new family. Love should be something that lasts forever, not lost forever. 

This is a love story and a romance for mature listeners only. There are sexual situations but no graphic sex.


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