Saved by the Alien Dragon

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She’s as disposable as the next slave…

Inescapable violence and misery are part of life on the lousy rock that Pax slavers dumped her on. Natalie’s only hope for survival is to prove she’s irreplaceable to her owners. But when the planet comes under attack and her captors are killed, Natalie begins to dream of things she thought were impossible. Freedom. And the drakon commander who makes her burn. 

He’s ready to show his commanders what he’s made of…

Dashel is the youngest co-commander in the Hielsrane fleet. He’s smart and ambitious, but struggling to shoulder the heavy expectations of his new position. When he finds Natalie, she burns with an inner strength as fiery as any drakon. Their bond is swift and hot, and with her at his side, he can find his footing and his voice.

But his youth is working against him, with some in the fleet just waiting for him to make a mistake. And when everything comes to a head, his inexperience might lead his crew and his woman to ruin.

Saved by the Alien Dragon is an alien science fiction romance featuring a dragon-shifting alien warrior and the human woman who tames him.

This steamy listen is for adults only!

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2 reviews for Saved by the Alien Dragon

  1. Karen Martin

    I found the plot was interesting and kept my attention.
    There was plenty of action and some light moments to it as well.
    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

  2. Mia Harper

    This book was very addictive once I started, and I finished it far too soon. I didn’t like the FMC natalie much to begin with, until I heard her history, then I started seeing her in a different light, both she and Dashiel were well suited, and their unlikely romance a lot of fun to read. I can’t wait for the next book to see which dragon will meet their match, the narration was passable.

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