Salvaged Love

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Endorsed by the Key West Art and Historical Society

Whatever is a lady to do when a future duke is only interested in her dowry?

Salvaged Love is the story of a young girl’s journey into womanhood and her need to carve a place for herself in her small island community and in the heart of her husband. Set in 1828 at the cusp of Key West’s rise to wealth from ship salvaging, the story blends facts and fiction to entertain and highlight the fascinating history of Key West, Florida.

Nineteen year old Abigail Bennington eagerly accepts her father’s invitation to sail to the Caribbean in a desperate need to escape an unwanted proposal. Their six month holiday goes awry when they become stranded in Key West, a newly settled island at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico. Abby becomes enchanted with the tiny island and its residents until circumstances force her father to insist she marry. Now locked in matrimony, can the young couple’s burgeoning love survive resentment and isolation?

This is the first book in the generational series Love in Key West. It is a complete story and can be read as a single book, however, much as we are our own story tied to those before and after us, so is this book tied to those that will follow.

3 reviews for Salvaged Love

  1. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    A Romance Worth Saving

    I received a free copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    I enjoyed this romance set in a historical setting. Not a pirate high-seas adventure but a compelling story of the local industry. Max Eddington is the captain of a salvage operation recovering cargo from sunken or disabled vessels. Torn between his love of the sea and the daughter of a ship owner, he is convinced to marry her and he has to salvage that relationship as well. The narration was good. This is the first in a series. Having read the second book, ‘Love in Key West’, I look forward to continuing the series.

  2. Faith

    I enjoyed this book tremendously and am looking to listen to more of this series. It is adventurous, romantic, and gives a realistic view of Key West, the salvage work, the need and beginnings of a court system, and other points of interest in the early history of the island, plus the intriguing story, kept me picking up my iPod at every opportunity.

    The narration was acceptable, though being an English buff, I noticed a number of mispronounce words throughout the book. Maybe needs some editing?

    I requested this audio book from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

  3. Faith

    OOPS! this English buff made a mistake. 🙂 Should be mispronounced instead of mispronounce. Guess my review should receive a four star rating. (haha)

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