Sagaman Kessler: The Boy Will Fight


A boy-child torn from his mother’s arms pleads mercy…
He shows no fear.

Come and explore the captivating world of The Sagaman Series, where the depths of the human spirit are explored amidst the enduring bonds of love and friendship. From award-winning creative writer, Maggie Kirton, an epic high fantasy adventure for fans of The Witcher and Game of Thrones. (Second Edition, April 2024)

Sagaman Kessler: The Boy Will Fight is a compelling addition to the genre, offering both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers a fresh take on familiar themes. Its emotional storytelling and vibrant world-building blend makes it a notable read, likely to spark discussions and anticipation for future installments. For those drawn to tales of epic battles and deep camaraderie, Maggie Kirton’s work promises a rewarding experience.” ~ Literary Titan

What price are you willing to pay to keep your promises to those you love?
What sacrifices will you make to honor your bonds?

Kessler, a Mortal-Fae, has a bond with Ilona, a dragon.
If the bond is broken through the death of one, the other will die of grief within the span of two moons.

Ilona gave her life on a battlefield to save Kessler.
In doing so, she gave Shai, a war-child, the portion of grief that comes with tears and sorrow, but she gave the emptiness of death to Kessler.

Ilona instructs Kessler to make his way to Dreki Isle and create a new bond with her son, not yet hatched from his egg. If Kessler looks into the eyes of the wetling dragon first, he will have a new bond and will live.

Kessler and Shai travel to Dreki together with many adventures along the way, but it isn’t long before Kessler realizes a hard truth… a dragon can only bond with one mortal at a time. If Kessler bonds with Ilona’s son, Shai will die of the grief given to him by Ilona.

Freedom embraces choice, though not all choices are made freely and without regret.
Kessler is destined to make a difficult choice when they reach Dreki Isle.

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