The Vampire Diaries meets The Trials of Apollo in this explosive thrill ride through the Underworld.

He Risked His Soul to Save Her Life. Will She Risk Her Life to Save His Soul?

Endora Lee Andrews died when she was born. By assigning her soul to Hades, the god of Tartarus, Endora was able to return to earth for a second life as a Pawn of the gods. But when she met a guy who made the same deal, Endora and Kaydon decided to fight against the Fates together to own their destinies. Now they must unravel the web of secrets and decipher a riddle from another realm.

Should be easy, right? 

With Underworld bounty hunters on their trail and enigmatic warnings from otherworldly beings, Endora and Kaydon are in increasing danger. Once they reach the Underworld, what will happen to Kaydon? He forfeited his soul to save Endora’s life, and the Fates always collect.

When the Boy Gets in the Way,
Then the Nightmares Come to Play…. 


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