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All’s fair in reincarnation and war

You’ve heard the stories of Norse gods: Thor, Odin, Ragnarok … I’m here to tell you they’re all true. I know because I was there.

My name is Loki. A thousand years ago, give or take a century or two, I walked the Nine Realms with my brothers, spreading mischief and leaving behind a trail of broken hearts wherever I roamed. I built an unforgettable brand as the trickster god, the father of the Midgard Serpent, Fenrir the wolf, and even Hel herself. In my exploits, I may have accidentally on purpose triggered a bit of unpleasantness that led to the end of the world, but apparently, it wasn’t the end of me. Recently, the shield of ice that froze me in an arctic cage melted (thanks, global warming), and I clawed my way to the surface of a new world.

With a fresh lease on life and a rocking-hot body, I just need one thing: the rune that grants me immortality.

Oh, and a bra would be nice. These boobs really know how to get in the way of a good hustle.

Book 1 in the Asgard Awakening comedy series

1 review for Runed

  1. Mia Harper

    After reading the blurb, I really looked forward to this book, I really enjoy the Norse gods genre, but I was disapointed, I found the story difficult to get into, I didn’t like FMC/M? Loki, the gender confusion didn’t help, sorry but not for me. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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