Ruby Springs Brides – 4 Book Box Set

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Welcome to Texas and the growing town of Ruby Springs – a place where dreams can come true and fortunes made if you are brave enough to take a chance. Handsome and tough heroes with a softer side meet plucky and determined ladies who want more than society thinks they should.

1 review for Ruby Springs Brides – 4 Book Box Set

  1. Cindy Nipper

    Sweet Historical Romance
    Catherine Finds Love
    I enjoyed this story and the second chance for Cat, Dylan, and his son Kyle! I loved the staff’s real family-like affection for both Cat and Ellen!

    Georgina Finds Love
    Scott does such a fine job narrating these historical books! I think the more I listen, the more I enjoy his talents!
    Karla writes quite enjoyable stories as well! As often the case for this genre I love, Karla writes about strong women whether they take on the traditional woman’s role, or break out into the man’s world that this era is well known for! Georgi definitely fits into this second role quite well!! Lol!
    A delightful book! I just wish it was longer!

    Carolyn Finds Love
    An intriguing tale of love between two drastically different living situations. The Doctor has a heart of gold while Carolyn lives in the tenements and works her fingers to the bone in the laundry. She’s tenacious and determined and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other!
    Another wonderfully narrated story by Scott. I hope he’s not changing his line of work anytime soon! He’s found his niche in voice acting!

    Bernadette Finds Love
    Another enjoyable story starring strong women and the men who love them!! This book has women from many walks of life prove their fortitude and gumption!
    Scott does a great job narrating as I’m learning. His voice and cadence really do fit this genre perfectly!!

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