Rose’s Mail Order Husband (Montana Brides, Book 3)


This third book in the Montana Brides series reveals the shocking conclusion to the mystery of Cornell Pollard’s murder.

Friday morning dawns clear and bright for the Kilburn family triple wedding. The eldest sister, Violet, is marrying Chuck Ahern. The middle sister, Iris, is marrying Mick McAllister. But all the evidence and every finger points to Rose’s fiancé, Jake Hamilton, as the killer. Worst of all, Sheriff Tom Maitland still lurks around Rocking Horse Ranch, hunting the murderer. Everyone thinks the youngest sister, Rose, has lost her senses for defending Jake’s innocence. Jake still faces everything with his usual air of amused superiority, confirming his guilt in the minds of his fellow mail-order couples.

The sisters prepare for the wedding service, and the minister arrives to perform the ceremony, but to their horror, Sheriff Maitland shows up in the middle of the wedding, throwing everyone into confusion. He still has a few pointed questions for the suspects, especially Jake. Will Rose’s resolve hold up under the pressure? Will she find a way to prove his innocence at the last moment, or is she making a terrible mistake by marrying the man who killed her uncle? 

The future of their family and the lives of everyone involved hang in the balance, and only Rose holds the key to the mystery.


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