Roses in June

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Dawn Stannis has little time for anything besides teaching, never mind organizing a careers fayre for the year nines – but by God’s grace, she’s able to book popular actor Gabriel Tyler. Score one for Dawn! His Hollywood playboy reputation might be the epitome of everything Dawn resists, but at least her event will be well-attended.

After his father’s unexpected death, Gabriel Tyler becomes the eighth Earl of Elton a lot sooner than he expected. Now, his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, is insisting he give up acting so he can play lord of the manor and produce heirs. Gabriel isn’t ready to give up his career or his bachelor status. At least he doesn’t think so, until he meets Dawn. She’s beautiful and intelligent, and it soon becomes apparent to Gabe that his heart is in serious danger.

But Dawn isn’t interested, and if he’s to have any shot at all, he’ll have to convince her that his playboy image is just tabloid fodder. With a career where everything is a façade, can he ever convince Dawn that his intentions are honest and real?

1 review for Roses in June

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    This is about a Lord, who is also an actor, meeting a school teacher, and attraction flairs.
    Over a short period, fate seems to have thrown them together.
    However, his mother is against his association with such a woman, and between her expressed disgust and strange goings on, it seems every thing is against their friendship.
    Drama and treachery occurs, almost costing the woman her life, but…
    perhaps you should hear or read the full story in the author’s own words. I believe you will enjoy this tale.

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