Roman Candle, Raiding Forces Book 4


In this sequel to Blood Wings, US Major John Randal, commander of Strategic Raiding Forces, returns in Roman Candle, the second book in a trilogy within the Raiding Forces Series about the Abyssinian Campaign. Major Randal is raising a guerrilla army 600 miles behind the enemy lines in Italian East Africa. 

In the north, Col. Orde Wingate prepares to leads a column of ragtag patriots to install the exiled emperor back on his thorn. Out of the Sudan, the Kaid readies to attack with two Indian divisions into the mountainous Kern stronghold. From the south out of Kenya, the East Africa force prepare to attack up the Red Sea coastline to clear it of Italians in order for the British Middle East Command to qualify for Lend Lease. 

The empire forces are attacking against, at least, 10 to one odds. The only hope of success is for Major Randal’s guerrilla army, called Force N, to disrupt the Blackshirts’ lines of communication and for the attacking armies to maintain the element of surprise. At the last minute, it is learned the Italians have a master spy in Kenya. Unless he is discovered and eliminated, the invasion will fail.


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