Rock My World (Khargals of Duras)


A stony guardian warrior. A woman obsessed with a mystery. A destined love that crosses worlds….

The gargoyles who fell to Earth have perched and secretly observed humans, but the Rose Syndicate’s threat to use garg technology to create super weapons means the gargs must act before humans pays the price.

Mogul has suffered for years, both at the hands of his fellow gargs and with the losses of the humans he has let into his heart. Never again. With the help of his only two friends, Mogul is determined to take down the Rose Syndicate and get off this planet. The last thing he needs is emotional entanglements, and his injured wings prevent him from injecting the mating serum even if he wanted to.

Kira is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding the objects found at the archeological dig near her childhood home. Science has always been her friend, something to keep her company during all the lonely nights when her father’s absence was felt so strongly. It sent her running to seek comfort with the stone gargoyles on the roof.

When Kira discovers Mogul’s beacon at the dig site and her father and the Rose Syndicate threaten, Mogul must swoop in to rescue the girl he’s watched grow into a beautiful woman. Fighting the threat against humanity, along with his growing attraction for Kira, is no easy task, but Mogul must do both to reach his ultimate goal – home. 

Even if Kira is his mate, what can a damaged garg like Mogul offer? And with the ships from home only days away from rescuing the gargs from Earth, can Mogul take down the Rose Syndicate without losing his heart in the process?

Rock My World is a standalone, science fiction romance story that features a loving human female and an alien gargoyle – part of the collaborative series, Khargals of Duras. This pause register science fiction romance story has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!


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