Rise at Twilight

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For all the terrible things she had seen in her life, Luna Ketz never thought about life after death…until she was murdered, of course. Upon waking in the cabin of her nightmares, Luna discovers she is caught in limbo between the waking world and the dead. There, she is reunited with her loved ones, but it comes at a price – she has lost herself to the darkness inside her. 

Desperate to save her baby and herself from a war that threatens to destroy them all, Luna submits to the mercy of her long-time enemy Chance Welfrey, in the hope that his knowledge will be enough to save them from certain destruction.

Cody, desperate to save the leader of his compound from a deadly sickness, is tasked with tracking Luna down. After finding her in the midst of Purgatory, he enlists Chance’s help by cashing in a favor. Reluctantly, Chance calls on Reese, and together, they unblock Luna’s magic. 

Desperate to stop Luna and Chance from spilling any more blood, keepers Amy and Max go on a journey of their own, where they learn a secret about the deadly duo’s child. 

He may be the key to saving them all.

1 review for Rise at Twilight

  1. Jennifer Hanlon

    Great Conflict!
    The series is best if started from book one. The author does a great job on bringing the reader up to date as the story progresses so can be listened to as a standalone novel

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