Revenge of Krakenstein


Last seen sinking to the extreme depths of the Pacific in Krakenstein vs. Koalatron, the giant creature dubbed Krakenstein rises and vengefully attacks…Las Vegas?

Meanwhile south of Australia, an incredible ancient “laboratory” is accidentally discovered by scientists looking for mystery-shrouded Emerald Island. Older than the dinosaurs and seemingly carved from the bedrock beneath the ocean floor, the staggering realm features technology beyond humanity’s wildest dreams – stuff with the potential to save the biosphere, alter it to the whims of those who master the uber-tech…or destroy it completely. And to top things off, a maniacal genius named Gideon Maven and his wealthy sponsor, Eleanora Cowling, are breeding their own giant monsters to force the leaders of the world to change their ways: A tardigrade or “water bear” the size of a battleship attacks Anchorage Harbor, hideously devouring everyone in sight, but that’s merely a prelude to immense houseflies and titanic wasps as Maven pulls out all the stops to ensure global capitulation.

Renegade world-saver Jeremiah Savage, his newfound partner Key Sharlayne and their crew find themselves in the middle of it all courtesy of an apparently altruistic billionaire and Dr. Deanna Sharlayne, who remains devoutly focused on removing Max Shepperton’s mind from Krakenstein’s hideous form.

Book 2 of The Krakenstein Chronicles.

©2018 Kevin Candela (P)2019 Kevin Candela


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