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Shadows from the past. A brutal murder. This time it’s personal.

It takes only one phone call to turn Harry Starke into a monster. It begins when Harry’s kid brother is brutally murdered, his body thrown into the murky waters of the Tennessee River. That alone would be enough to set Harry on the warpath, but less than 24 hours after the body is found, Harry finds out there’s a bounty on his head, too. $25,000. His answer? Strike first and strike hard. And so it begins. Harry and his army of three must go up against old enemies, but they face almost insurmountable odds when they go looking for retribution.

The Harry Starke Novels, Book #7

1 review for Retribution

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Harry was intent on making someone pay for his brother’s death, that would have been retribution. However, his father had made him promise to not take the law into his hands, but to obtain justice.
    It’s one heck of a story of two alphas trying to get the upper hand, knowing one, Harry, wouldn’t stop until he had achieved his objectives.

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