Resisting the Biker

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Twenty-one-year-old college student, Adriana Nikolas, doesn’t really know what to make of Raptor, the sexy biker who seems to be obsessed with getting into her pants. Hot or not, she knows from their first encounter that he’s dangerous, both in and out of bed. What Raptor wants, Raptor gets. Right now, he wants Adriana and will do whatever it takes to claim her as his woman. But, she keeps resisting, which isn’t something that the road captain of the Gold Vipers is accustomed to. Arrogant, cocky, and stubborn, Raptor takes on the challenge, and in the meantime, gets much more than what he’d bargained for. Meanwhile, Slammer, president of the Gold Vipers, seeks justice for the rape of his Old Lady’s daughter.

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1 review for Resisting the Biker

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    I think society automatically stereotype certain individuals depending on skin color, sexual orientation, and association to certain groups.
    This book shows that the ‘Bad Boy” was actually the guy you could depend on, where the clean cut college guys were the ones to take advantage of a girl who had been slipped a Mickey.
    Yes, I know each group has the good, bad and ugly in them, so all you can do is deal with the individual, and be circumspect in all associations.

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