Rescuing The Brides

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A mail order bride historical romance.

Sweet, beautiful mail order bride Merla flees one horrible life in Wichita, only to find herself in another horrible one in Dodge. Her husband-to-be is not the kind loving man his letters portrayed him to be. 

But Merla’s rescuer John “Mac” McElroy is more handsome than handsome should be. When he doesn’t like to see a beautiful woman abused, he and his three brothers take her home to his mother. 

At McElroy’s residence, Merla finds more than safety and comfort. She finds blistering passion she never knew existed. And she also finds the man she traveled to Dodge to spend the rest of her life with.

1 review for Rescuing The Brides

  1. Janalyn Prude

    Erotic mail order bride stories or something new to me. So when I read the summary and it said sweet mail order bride I associated that with sweet and clean… It was not. Since I wrongly got the book I will not deduct points for it being erotica as for the story it was very enjoyable and I really liked it and that is why I am giving it for stars.

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