Remembering Ella: A 1912 Murder & Mystery in the Arkansas Ozarks

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In November of 1912, 18 year old Ella Barham was raped, murdered and dismembered.  This examination of her murder, the investigation of the scene and trial of her alleged killer opens a window to the meaning of community and due process at a time when politicians and judges sought to professionalize the justice system.

1 review for Remembering Ella: A 1912 Murder & Mystery in the Arkansas Ozarks

  1. Janalyn Prude

    Ella was a sweet 18-year-old girl with lots of bows and others who wanted to Court her. This was a very interesting book and although they convict someone for her murder I really don’t think he did it. Like most cases it seems to be an overzealous prosecutor and a biased public. Even though not all of the public believes he did it. The twist interns in this book was so good I love historical true crime Although this book was 13 hours long I didn’t find like most true crime books that they wasted their time describing mundane details about the area the town or region. There is a pet peeve of mine where they waste too much time describing the town in which should happen not the case in this book. It is full of exciting or intriguing details that will keep you reading as it did me.

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