Reed (The Love Family Series, Book 4)

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Reed Love is more than a computer genius and hacker extraordinaire thanks to his DNA. He has a love-hate relationship with the invisible pop-up boxes that appear around everyone he meets and the ease with which he can access that data. Pictures, financial data, passwords, it doesn’t matter what the information or how deep in the web strangers try to disguise it. Reed has access, and these boxes dance in front of him, enticing him to look.

Handler Avery Malone enjoys life and traveling to exotic locales to keep the operatives under her charge safe and out of trouble. She thrives on adventure and the pressure of being the one person who calls the shots.

When Reed Love, the brother of one of her operatives, shows up on her doorstep with messages about encrypted thumb drives and going underground, she knows she’s going to have her hands full getting to the truth.

Reed and Avery match wits and sparks fly while they try to unravel the trail of bread crumbs left behind in a web of secrets, lies, and deceit.

2 reviews for Reed (The Love Family Series, Book 4)

  1. Peni Anne

    I am amazed at how much story can be told in such a short amount of time. There was some confusion in the middle when Avery was just tolerating Reed to when she was all, very abrupt and it didn’t seem that there was any transition act. Maybe I missed it. Otherwise an excellent story.

    Robin J. Sitten did a great job bringing the story to life with the exception of abrupt montone chapter changes.

  2. Nessa

    I listened to this on audiobook.

    This has been another short but enjoyable story based around a member of the Love family. This story was all about family member Reed Love, it was great getting to know him. It certainly wasn’t all hot romance & sex with Reed and Avery, plenty of action going on whilst they were trying to help Langdon and save the day. So given that this is a short story, there was a lot happening.

    I have to say that Reed is not my favourite member out of the Love family members whom I’ve met so far, but despite that it’s still been an enjoyable story.

    As for the narrator, Robin Sitton, I thought she read the story very well, didn’t put me off nor was her voice annoying. She flowed from one character to another flawlessly.

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