Redeemer Chronicles Book 3: Reclaim the Darklands


Redeemer Chronicles Book 3: Reclaim the Darklands

Being the Chosen One could kill everyone she loves….

The Outcast knows Victoria Saveron could destroy his plans to control the planet of Aeris. To gain her cooperation, he begins collecting everyone Vic holds dear.

Meanwhile, the rift between the two magical races grows, and individuals on both sides cause chaos. Vic and her friends work hard to relocate refugees and keep the peace, but they’re only addressing symptoms. The main problem lies in the Darklands, the realm controlled by the Outcast. To save her homeland, Vic must reclaim the Darklands, but is she prepared to sacrifice her friends and her father to do it?

It’s highly recommended that you start this series with Redeemer Chronicles Book 1: Awakening and Book 2: The Holy War before checking out this story (Book 3: Reclaim the Darklands). It also fits within Middle Grade and fantasy genres.


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