Red Ground: The Forgotten Conflict by Ken Fry


“I would rate Red Ground up there with any other book on the African, conflict experience. Blood Diamonds Indeed! Red Ground is a masterpiece of its genre, but not for the faint of heart.”

Blood diamonds, oil, and a greedy dictator scar the landscape and citizens of West Africa in this action-packed military thriller.

Disgraced and virtually bankrupt, ex-Sgt. Alex Dalloway joins the mercenary brigade tasked to protect the newly elected president of the illegal state of Salonga. But the promise of diamonds is only part of the attraction for Alex. Bent on avenging the deaths of his men, killed years ago in the jungles, Dalloway finds himself once again on the border of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

A greedy corporation lusting after mining rights, ruthless mercenaries, a madman hungry for power, and child soldiers converge to tell the tale of this bloody and horrifying part of West-African history.

Get your copy and join this fast paced adventure into the dark side of Africa, where sometimes human life is the most invaluable commodity.


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