Reaper of Wings (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 2)

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Unexpected enemies, unlikely alliances, and one struggling reaper. 

The Earth crystal is missing, and I have no clue who took it. To make matters worse, the Council knows about my forbidden abilities. They still want my help to find the remaining artifacts, which means hey must be desperate…but for what? 

Now I’ve partnered up with Charlie, my deceased best friend’s brother. The only problem is that he blames me for his sister’s death. I just hope this isn’t one more thing that will blow up in my face. I’ve had enough of that the past month to last the rest of my life. 

As the truth begins to unravel, the pressure of making the right choices lands square on my shoulders. If I make one wrong decision, the world as we know it will be over. 

White Raven meets the Artifact Hunters in Reaper of Wings, a paranormal listen for those who love a dark twist. 

2 reviews for Reaper of Wings (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 2)

  1. Adriana Boehm

    This books picks up where the first one left off. The story sucked me in fairly quickly and kept my attention until the conclusion. I like this book much better than the first one. The characters are being better developed and there are unexpected twists and turns.

    Narration was ok. I sped it up a bit and it was much better.

    This book has mystery, suspense, drama, action, betrayal, and lots of intrigue. I’m still not sure how everything ties up but I have even more questions than before.

    Christina’s parents were much better in this one. They were pretty awful in the first book. The story is evolving fairly quickly and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next.

  2. John Mckeown

    What more can you want you pick up where you left off from book 1 and the pace of the story quickens it has twists and turns and the plot thickens. The narration is spot on as by now you are immersed in the characters and there own little quirks. This has left me even more eager to get in with the rest of the series and see what happens next Jen L Grey I salute you on a wonderful job I hope it continues.

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