Reaper of Water (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 4)

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Increasing powers, incredible responsibility, and one off-balance girl. 

Having the power of three elemental artifacts has unbalanced my powers. The only solution is to find the fourth one to make me whole, before I implode and destroy everything around me.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not the only one after that artifact. There’s an entire list of supernaturals waiting for the right moment to take it for themselves. And they’ll stop at nothing to make that happen. Even if that means taking my life.

Not knowing who to trust, I head with my friends to the realm, but as intentions of my fellow travelers are revealed, heartbreak becomes inevitable. 

The question is whether I’ll be left standing when everything is said and done.

2 reviews for Reaper of Water (The Artifact Reaper Saga Book 4)

  1. Adriana Boehm

    I have enjoyed this series and this is the last book. The main character has three elements and needs to find the last one.

    Narration is ok.

    I was glad Charlie finally gets to go on a mission with Christina because he kept being left behind before. They spend quite a bit of time in the water world.

    This series has danger, suspense, drama, mystery, and a touch of romance. There are some twists and turns and we do get a good wrap up of the story. It was a bit different than expected but well done.

  2. John Mckeown

    you find yourself straight where you left off from book3 overall good passed and as the plot unfolds it all heads in the direction you expect but yet still brings comfort. overall I found this book could have lasted longer and seemed to wrap up all to quickly towards the end but overall still a very enjoyable read and I would highly recommend this to others . you wont be disappointed Jen L Grey thank you for taking us along within your imitative world and I will start to look through some more of your works soon as if they are like this I’m sure I will enjoy them gratefully.

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