Rape Van

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Andy and Bridget like to travel. Their windowless van is their home. Speeding across the Texas countryside they pick up hitchhikers and weary travelers who see the pair as a nice couple showing southern hospitality. However, Andy and Bridget are not what they seem. In their plain-looking van, there is no telling which town they will pass through or who will they pick up next.

Note: Content is extremely violent & explicit

1 review for Rape Van

  1. Jerry Harkey

    This is my first Tom Miller novel and Wow, what a shocker! It starts and ends with some very scary people doing some very savage deeds upon some random, unlucky passersby. The horror is as graphic as it is imaginative. Bleach in the eyes and “other” places. At any rate, if you like to be shocked and awed, Miller does not disappoint.

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