Random Survival

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If the world as you know it ended today, how would you survive?

After a sudden mysterious disease is unleashed on the country, claiming millions of lives, including that of his family, Mark is left alone. The cities are in chaos with survivors killing for food and water. Knowing as supplies dwindle the insanity will spread to his neighborhood, he creates a fortress in the basement of his suburban home, stock piles food, water, weapons, and medical supplies, and stays out of sight during the day.

Weeks later, the deadly street gangs have been organized, becoming a more dangerous and brutal army. In methodical fashion, they begin a neighborhood-by-neighborhood search, stripping houses and businesses of anything useful, killing those who stand in their way and enslaving the rest.
Mark knows if they find him they will kill him and works to not only stay hidden, but conceal his stash of supplies. However, when a woman and her family are trapped by the horde, Mark attempts a daring rescue, and becomes the focus of a deadly manhunt.

Trapped and outnumbered, the killers closing in. Mark must find a way to keep them all alive.

A fast-paced action thriller.

1 review for Random Survival

  1. RJ

    Be prepared for an action-packed survival story. After our MC Mark’s wife and son were killed by the unknown virus, Mark began to accumulate supplies and ammunition, knowing what was to come. As usual in these types of stories, the MC comes across other survivors and begins to create a little community. The difference in this tale is how much fighting and killing there is between Mark’s group and the ever-present bad guys. Especially in Mark’s case; the guy is a one-man killing machine. The characters are interesting and fairly authentic, perhaps not so much in Mark’s unbelievable luck. I especially liked Lynn, she provided the touch of emotion and romance that would have been lacking without her. It’s a good story and I look forward to seeing how the series develops. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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