Radioactive Revolution


Fire Dragons once again walk the world…

  • Dragons…✔
  • Mechanoid Armies…✔
  • Daring Stealth Mission…✔
  • Dragon vs Ship Combat…✔

    Jared and his dragon companion Scarlet return from their quest to find the rest of the fire dragons triumphant, but will it be enough to throw off the chains of captivity binding mankind to a dismal existence?

    The rulers in the floating cities tighten the noose around Jared’s neck as dissent brews among the waterfolk, putting everyone he loves and protects in danger. While ships from above pursue the group with powerful plasma weapons, the fire dragons agree to bond with the waterfolk, allowing them to develop special abilities and grow their strength.

    Even with superhuman bodies and the increased power of bonded fire dragons, Jared and Scarlet come to a critical realization; they will never stand against the cities alone. Building alliances sends them to the far corners of the world on a quest for vengeance and justice.


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