Quick Dirty Luck


I knew exactly what I was doing by setting my good-girl romance author image on fire. Becoming Reina Dare, a vixen writer who dominates the erotic fiction genre, is exactly who I was meant to be.

But Kent Kingsley is a distraction I didn’t see coming. It’s a coin-flip whether I want to surrender to his sex appeal or punch him in his perfect, brooding face.

The damaged CEO of a lavish Las Vegas hotel and casino is an overly-confident, cocky playboy whose only romantic ambition is to send his women home with a smile.

The stakes have never been higher and just as my chance to catapult Reina Dare to the top is within my grasp, I risk it all. For him.

Kent makes my blood boil, and my body burn. There is no denying our chemistry is off the charts – in and out of bed. He’s every fantasy I’ve ever had.

He plays dirty, just the way I like it. But is it worth gambling my future for a chance at real love?


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