Prymus: Armageddon

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“It takes more than heroes to save a galaxy.” 

Return to the galactic wheel of Prymus as war rages and empires crumble before the relentless nemesis. Follow the continuing adventure of the misfit heroes who desperately struggle to survive the ensuing catastrophes as foretold in the ancient prophecies. 

Inside Book Two: The galactic wheel burns in an apocalyptic inferno. Unbridled conflict explodes and empires collapse. The unfathomable slaughter, by a seemingly unstoppable enemy, becomes a nightmare finally comprehended. Hope falters on a million, million worlds as the mages rise from the shadows with archaic knowledge. As defeat and surrender loom, few believe it will make any difference.

1 review for Prymus: Armageddon

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Yes, it’s chaos, which I suppose war is, but to keep track of the various war forums, and who is with the good guys and who is the bad collaborators, it is mind boggling!
    Also, shocking that whole worlds would be vaporized. Yes, I suppose this would be what war amongst advanced worlds would be like.

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