The Developers slaughter any race that threatens their position as rulers of the galaxy. The Renegade must destroy them before yet another civilization is destroyed.

Bixom grew up knowing that his race was on the verge of extinction and the chance of him finding his life mate was slim to none.  He’s accepted the fact that he will never find the one who was made just for him, that is until he spots a gorgeous blonde and the markings on his arm start to churn. 

Gloria is not just a pretty face with a banging bod. She’s a warrior very skilled at working with her personal energy, yet she feels inadequate compared to the fighters around her.

While on a rescue mission, she spots a handsome Hilian man who is not only protective and overbearing, but also calls her his lifemate. She’s had many men whisper sweet nothings and she doesn’t know if she can trust again.

With war waging all around and the stakes growing higher every day, Gloria is determined to stop being controlled by her fear.



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