Promised Soul

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Just as Krista’s summer plans are almost ready, she is suddenly plagued by strange dreams and intense feelings of déjà vu. 

Feeling like she’s losing her mind, Krista visits a psychic, only to feel more confused. When she arrives in England, her dreams persist, and she finds herself at the doorstep of another psychic. She needs clarity. 

Finally, the words Krista was afraid to say out loud are spoken. Now, she has to figure out what it all means. 

Promised Soul is a story of the past, present, and future of two souls, bound together by eternal and transcending love.

1 review for Promised Soul

  1. Somanea Khoeurn

    Love love love this book! If you believe in soulmate and reincarnation this is the book for you. The main character was a bit weepy for me though. The storyline kept me spell bound.
    This is one of the books that speaks to my soul. I’m very touched by the love of the two souls have for one another. I do believe love does conquors all, through times and distance.

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