Prince Charming of the Magic Flame


What does destiny have in store for two young handsome boys who should never have crossed paths at all? How is it possible for love to grow between a rough lad from the street and a refined young aristocrat? Each of them is struggling when they meet: one starving, the other in a wheelchair – together they find a way to move forward, with a little magical help. Young Jack the Match Boy was freezing and starving on the winter streets of Edwardian London. It was 10 days before Christmas and no one was buying his matches. The poor lad was down to his last few…thinking of striking the last ones to have a moment of warmth…Just one he thought, he couldn’t resist. The wooden matchstick sparked a beautiful blue flame that turned gold. Within it brightens he saw a magical vision of a warm home surrounded by a glowing fire, plentiful food and friends…Then the match burnt out and he was back shivering in cold reality again. 

When he is rescued by Lady Helena, who could not abandon his cheeky charming little boy smile, she has an ulterior purpose as well as altruistic, her son has been in black despair since being crippled in the carriage accident that also tragically killed his father Lord Moncrieff…Lady Helena wonders if this Little Match boy’s smile might bring life back to her own boy…Jack has magic about him that kindles not just hope in wheelchair-bound Cameron, but a deep friendship, feelings that grow with the years to ripen into love. As the boys become young men they encourage each other’s talents, one a playwright the other an actor…together they find success in London’s theatrical world, with Jack willing to make almost any sacrifice to help his friends career and his own. Success and love can bring delights…and maybe danger.



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