Primal A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (The Great Dying, Book 2)


Four years after the mysterious mass animal die-offs around the globe, billions die of famine, the ocean and waterways are polluted, insects destroy crops, plants overgrow, and looting, murder, and chaos unfold.

The most fortunate now live behind walls in 100 of the largest cities in the former United States under totalitarian rule. To avoid the harsh and desolate existence beyond the city, most residents follow the strict rules – but not everyone.

Separated upon entry, Travis Young now works for the secret police, while Emily Mansfield tries to keep her children safe working inside a vertical farm. However, with the 17th birthday of Anna around the corner, venturing out into the dead zone may be their only hope of survival.

But big brother is watching, and so are those who oppose the new order. When a mysterious group sets their sights on Travis and Emily as a means to bring down the system, they find themselves in a dangerous plot that will either be their salvation or damnation.

Primal is the second explosive book in The Great Dying series by international best-selling author Jack Hunt, who offers a horrifying snapshot of a world unraveled by an extinction event unlike any other.



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