Price of Death


From best-selling fantasy/paranormal author, W.J. May, comes a new kind of vampire shifter series. Get ready to be blown away! 

Price of Death, Book Three of the Bit-Lit Series 

The future is not a safe place. 

Tay is finding it hard to adapt to her new life as Archon of a District, when suddenly, she received a bloody message that a delegation of senior Elders from all around the world will be arriving in New York to “deal” with the situation. Tabitha has just little time to get her house in order… 

Kaiden, similarly, is finding it hard as the leader of the Shifters. He is called to a more simpler life, but cannot give up his duties. He has to try to bring peace to all the different Shifter Tribes if there is any chance at making peace between the different races. He is almost at the end of his tether, when a mysterious stranger confides in him that there is a way to unite the tribes – but it is very dangerous and nearly impossible. 

The Bit-Lit Series 

Book One – Lost Vampire

Book Two – Cost of Blood

Book Three – Price of Death


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