Praise and Prayer Against Despair and Unbelief


God rescued the author, Glenn Langohr, from a prison cell, with “urgings to start writing”. That was 17 years ago and with over 77 books published, he now writes about the Bible from a spiritual war perspective. 

In the Book of Job, Glenn shows that God teaches us that “every thought is either working for God or against Him” and “every word uttered sets the direction you are heading spiritually.” 

The spiritual war precepts in the Book of Job & Bible:

God gave you breath to praise Him with it. 
Our best perspective comes after repentance. 
Our best perspective is still far from God’s perspective. 
God watches closely to what we say about Him so make sure it lines up with Scripture. 
God allows evil to serve His purposes so be “thankful in all circumstances”. 
God is in control and is faithful. 
This life on earth is but a wisp of smoke in light of eternity.


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