Practical Epilepsy Zen Memoir


Subject (epilepsy Zen): They say that Yin Zen questioning is talking to your higher consciousness, epilepsy Zen meditation is contemplating your navel or lower than your tanzen—doorway to the hara—and hearing the giant ocean roar from within a fragile seashell and learning the Yang illuminating answer. Through Pseudo-transcendental modified meditation you can unblock your chakras, colors from root (red) survival, sacral chakra (orange) sexuality, navel chakra (yellow) power, heart chakra (green) love, throat chakra (light aqua blue) communication, brow chakra (indigo or deep blue) intuition, crown chakra (violet) located over the parietal fissure, spirituality. E-Zen education therefore could be considered a rainbow prism chakra as it encompasses all the colors and definitions. Some would find fault with my interpretation as rainbow—hope—is the symbol for gay people. I want you to recognize that E occurs on a base median of two in one-hundred or 2%, far greater the gay median, one in ten or 10%, like it or not there is a gay / E dynamic not that all E are rainbow or all rainbow are E. What people fail to recognize is that disabled people live, they love, they bleed, and they breathe the same as anyone. Epilepsy is not the only disability that can take your life away if you let it. I used to tell support group members that life is a video movie and seizures are only still photos in that movie, don’t let part take over the whole. I didn’t mention that I Pseudo-meditate nude or do modified nude yoga. Due to the limited flex and rotation in my joints it is modified nude yoga. Don’t let epilepsy take your dreams and secret aspirations, your goals that no one but you believe in. Zen Self-coping, Zen self-love yourself mentally and physically, true love requires trust and trust require honesty. Never, ever forget that you are important too, your thoughts and emotions should be recognized…..


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