Poison My Pretty

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When Poppy Parker turns 21, the popular TV witch detective discovers she has supernatural powers off the set as well as on. When the show is canceled, she returns home to figure out how to harness the magic brewing inside her.

Freaked out by these recent paranormal gifts, Poppy just wants to fit in, so when she’s asked to serve as a judge for the annual Bloomin’ Belles youth beauty competition she readily agrees.

But when the pageant’s snooty director drops dead and Poppy’s friend is arrested, the former TV sleuth sets out to uncover the real killer, only to find…the business of beauty can be deadly.

1 review for Poison My Pretty

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book and hope it is just the first of many more books to come. The characters are interesting and the friendship between them seems strong. Thee introduction of magic is nicely worked into the plot and gives the book a little spark of adventure without taking over the mystery. The look into the child beauty pageant is fun and entertaining and sure to give you a few chuckles over some of the behaviour.
    When actress Poppy’s tv show is cancelled she returns home, for a quieter life working in her best friends flower shop, to give herself time to find herself. Things take turn when she is asked to stand in as a judge for the annual beauty show., where back stabbing and cheating is normal behaviour and that is from the parent’s. But back stabbing isn’t what kills the director of pageant. With more enemies than friends around it is not surprising that someone takes the opportunity to poison her as she just makes enemies where ever she goes. When one of Poppy’s friend is arrested for the murder Poppy can’t help but get involved and then it gets personal and one of the guests at her Aunts bed and breakfast is also murdered leading Poppy to believe a lot more is going on than just a fight over a crown.
    This is the first time I have listened to this narrator but I thought she was really good and I will be looking out for more books read by her, as she really brought the characters to life with there own unique voices.
    Over all a great book and a series I will be keeping an eye out for.

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