Plow The Druid Series, Book 6

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From New York Times bestseller Marata Eros comes a #1 Amazon Erotica Horror/Victorian/Historical bestselling series!

Vampire alpha warriors seek human women of Druid descent as mates. Will they claim the rare bloods before extinction threatens the species?

When Holly awakens from the deep thrall cast by her faction kidnapper, she is struck with hopelessness until she discovers the power her Druid lineage has over him. Kier is an elite stolen warrior of the faction who does the bidding of his adopted group but with his pulsing biology waiting for just the right catalyst to put his true nature into play.

Beau and Aubree are pitted against each other only to discover that their Druid mating offers protection from those that would destroy them. Can they seek refuge amongst their Reaper kin that will harbor them in safe waters, or will the Druid priest’s dark secret plague them wherever they go?

Constantine seeks to destroy a rare exotic and finds himself under a spell he cannot break, his nature used against him. Will he get another chance to force her submission while she stands under guard of the most powerful vampire of their kind?

Can the Reapers win the battle without losing the war?

©2012 Marata Eros (P)2016 Marata Eros

1 review for Plow The Druid Series, Book 6

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Kier and Holly are defending themselves on one side from his former Vampire coven, whilst
    Beau has to get the pregnant druid he has mated away from his former Druid brethren, who are intent on raping her both physically and magically, before ultimately killing her.

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