Pleiades and our Secret Destiny


This audiobook tells the story of the author’s personal encounters with blue-skinned beings from the Pleiades as well as other amazing encounters with strange people, places, and beings. It also tells of the ancient extraterrestrial war between the Pleiades and the subterranean serpent race, the destruction of a civilization on Mars and a planet called Phaeton, and how our secret history is taught in ancient mythology around the globe. 

You will learn how to discern between astral entities, extraterrestrials, and angelic beings. Lessons are given on how to travel and explore the universe with consciousness alone so you can verify things for yourself. Finally, you learn why our history and destiny are hidden from mainstream culture. 

For thousands of years, planet Earth has been surrounded by a fog of ignorance, but the veils of reality are set to be lifted as we ourselves ascend in levels of consciousness rather than waiting for some outside force to fix things for us. 

While the author’s previous books provided exercises in raising your level of consciousness, this audiobook allows you to enter the perspective of a higher level of consciousness.


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