Pixie’s Gift

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Love is a beautiful thing; the air that keeps us going and the brightness of our day. Love has depth, and when that level of depth mixes with loss, you see some of the most unexpected things manifesting. Pixie’s gift highlights the story of two individuals who are coming to terms with the loss of people whom they thought they couldn’t live without. Life becomes unbearable, and all hope seems to be lost. The day gets darker, and living becomes more of a complication. All hope is lost, or is it?

Adam and Sarah, strangers until now, in the depth of their loss and with the need for closure, find they need to visit the local bridge in their small charming village for different reasons so they could move on with life. Would this adventure to the local bridge yield the right results? Can they put the ghosts of their pasts to bed, or would they need the help of a friendly ghost?

We capture the essence and beauty of love in this book, and even in the event of loss, we see that love never dies.

2 reviews for Pixie’s Gift

  1. Jerry Harkey

    A very touching rendering of 3 tragic story-lines blending and twisting into a whimsical feel-good ending. At 2 hours, it is a wonderful afternoon listen in which you’ll be glad you indulged.

  2. Laura Rose

    This was my first experience with Raven Wolfe’s work and it will not be my last. The tale was lovely, engrossing, and eerie. I enjoyed the story very much. Christopher Brissini’s narration was just impeccable, his voice and tone a perfect match to the story. I requested this audio book from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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