Pilgrimage: H7N9 Book 3

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A mutating virus.

A perilous journey.

A dark secret that threatens to shatter an already tenuous bond.

After escaping one of FEMA’s civilian labor camps, Teddy Sanders and Ein Becker travel across a hostile, fractured, post-pandemic United States in search of sanctuary.

In the wake of a flu pandemic that has wiped out 90 percent of the population and the ensuing failure of the government’s quarantine centers due to both asymptomatic carriers and a rapidly mutating virus, the United States has become a vast wasteland in which rebel factions and the remnants of the federal government fight over what remains of the country. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s fortified cities, called safe zones, promise safety and purpose to any healthy survivors who are willing to forgo personal liberty in exchange for peace. Outside of the walls of these safe zones, anarchy reigns as militias and independent settlements struggle daily in a desperate search for supplies.

Stuck in a state that neither of them knows anything about, Teddy Sanders and his unwitting travel companion, Ein Becker, set out to find a place to call home. Together, they embark on a journey that takes them across the country and find themselves tested in ways they never expected, as they contend with both hostile survivors and a military that continues to pursue them at any cost.

Matters become even more complicated when Teddy realizes that Ein harbors some dark secrets of his own.

As the government closes in on them and hidden truths are brought to light, will the two men be able to come together in order to achieve their goal, or will everything unravel once and for all?

1 review for Pilgrimage: H7N9 Book 3

  1. Pamela Dixon

    This is an amazing series! It’s very entertaining and engaging. The narratior is very good and easy to listen to. I definitely would recommend this series to anyone who loves
    post apocalyptic fiction. I’ve listened to all three books in this series including this one and they all were great listens!

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