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Should Emily try to fit in—or fight for what’s right?

Emily has finally found her dream job. She’s moving to a remote Maine island to teach high school English. The handsome lobsterman is an unexpected bonus.

But life on the island is very different. The eccentric islanders seem to be hiding something from her, but what is it? And does she even want to know? If she figures out the secret, she might have to do something about it.

Welcome to Piercehaven, an idyllic small town in the middle of the Atlantic, where things aren’t as simple as they seem and everyone is obsessed with basketball. You’ll love this faith-filled story because you’ll feel like you’re right there with Emily, tasting the fresh, salty air. Visit Piercehaven today!

1 review for Piercehaven

  1. Suzanne Nelson

    I thoroughly enjoyed this audio book! It started off creepy, with building tension and then took a twist. The story went in a completely different direction from what I expected. Portions of the story were emotional, as well as uplifting. The narrator was really good. I would highly recommend this book to others.

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