Photographic Memory for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Limitless Memory

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The key to true prosperity? Remember to remember!

We all wish that we could have a better memory . . . but wishing isn’t enough. Luckily, a legitimate shortcut exists, and boosting your brain-power will help you achieve more in every aspect of your life. Personal, professional, and even romantic profits await the reader ready for more!

After years of in-depth study, author Dane Krauss has compiled his revelations, and intends to help you master the secrets of memory retention. In Vol. II of the Mind Improvement for Beginners Series, you’ll learn his secret—and never forget it. Be your best today!

Inside you’ll discover:

    • Memory enhancement techniques and how to apply them effectively . . .
    • Applications of the methods, both to business and homelife . . .
    • How to fully memorize a pack of cards—and other tricks . . .
  • What our different brainwaves mean . . .


You’ll love unlocking your brain’s full potential, and the benefits of a razor-sharp memory will manifest themselves immediately. Don’t allow your greatest tool to gather dust.

It’s time to grasp your full potential NOW.

2 reviews for Photographic Memory for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Limitless Memory

  1. Jennifer Hanlon

    This book has tons of useful suggestions and the narration is great. I definitely have some new ideas to help my memory.

  2. Amanda Humes

    I’ve heard of memory palaces before. It was to be used in conjunction with leading languages. Certainly worth nearly an hour’s time

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