Phoebe’s Desire

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Phoebe is confident that her new carwash will be a success. But Riley Thompson is a clever businessman. If the girls can’t afford to lease his prime location, he knows of other ways to make a tidy profit. Besides, he lusts after pretty Phoebe and longs to teach her that an experienced older man can be an even better lover than a lusty football jock!

1 review for Phoebe’s Desire

  1. M Phelps

    This is one a several in a series. It is a quick listen which each of these books focused on a different girl within the sorority and they journey to start a car wash business. This was a great hot listen with a story woven in the journey to love for the main characters. Gavin McAllister does a great job. I am enjoying each of these stories within the series.

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