Phantom (book 3)

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Jason Zurk is a werewolf with a soulmate named Oz, but he doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Jason yearns to give his love, and even his life, to Ashley, the vampire-dragon hybrid. Ashley barely survives on the wisp of a hope. She dreams that her own soul mate, Verloren, will somehow return from the dead.

In Phantom, C.V. Hunt completes her trilogy with a story of the fruits and frustrations of true love in an underworld of misfits. How do traditions of marriage, family, and commitment work in a world of violence and blood? How do the world’s monsters find true happiness? Where do children fit in a life where all grownups are misfits?

1 review for Phantom (book 3)

  1. M Phelps

    So many things happened in this last book of the trilogy. It is all from Jason’s view but had all the characters from the 2 previous books which made it a must listen. I am so happy at how all the things unfolded. Great job CV Hunt and Jeff Bower did a great job narrating as well.

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