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I took her and I’m going to keep her. She’s going to be my pet.

When Chloe Banks threw a drink in my face at her own show, she didn’t expect me to climb onto the stage and bare her for a hard spanking that left her bottom bright red and on complete display for the entire audience, but it was the arousal dripping down her thighs that really exposed her that night. She wanted more and I was going to take her, not just as my woman, but as my pet.

She will fight me every step of the way, but I’m ready for that because I know something she doesn’t. I know she needs this and she’s going to take all of it whether she likes it or not.

She will wear a tail, ears, and my collar, and nothing else. She will bare that beautiful body for me, or I’ll tear her clothes right off of her and stripe her defiant backside with my belt before I force her to scream my name over and over for me until she is left trembling, sore, and begging for mercy.

Before I’m through with her, she’s going purr for me like a kitten.

Publisher’s Note: Pet includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this audiobook.


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