Partners in Crime: Riley & Lulu: 2-Book Romance Bundle


Sexy thieves come together to prove being bad can feel so good.

Partners in Crime: A Girl-on-Girl Jailbreak Romance

The curvaceous and sheltered Lulu is a naive girl wrapped in a world of luxury. When her father is suddenly imprisoned and her estate is seized, she’s forced out onto the streets to fend for herself. Will the dangers of the city swallow her, or will a sexy new ally change everything?

This adult novella includes secret passageways, daring escapes, and a love that can’t be kept behind bars.

Partners in Crime: A FFM Royal Heist

The tempestuous Riley and seductive Lulu are beautiful thieves on a mission to save the financially-strained academy they once called home. Their determination to complete their goal is rivaled only by their passionate love for each other. But when their final heist meets a snag in the form of the striking knight Sir Hawkwood, will everything they’ve worked for fall apart?

This adult romance includes fighting monks, castle heists, and a love so big it fits three.


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